Survival and Water Survival

During Survival and Water Survival Training crew members will learn Survival techniques, appropriate to the areas of operation, such as desert, polar, jungle and sea. They will receive theoretical and practical training in ditching procedures.

Course contents:

  • Handling of panic and disorientation
  • Life vests (crew, adult, child and infant)
  • Slide rafts / life rafts and/or flotation devices
  • Under water escape
  • Hypothermia
  • Post evacuation procedures
  • Practical exercises in the water such as:
    • Exercises with life vests
    • Use of a raft and raft management
    • HELP and Huddle positions
    • Crocodile move
    • Rescue

(This training is compliant with EASA regulations)

Training Location:
Our training center is located at Eindhoven Airport. However, training also may be conducted in Amsterdam.
Any other preferred location is negotiable, also abroad.

Class capacity:
Flexible from only 1 – 12 trainees!

Single registrations?
Regularly you can join an already planned training for a greatly reduced rate.
Short notice is our strength.

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