Yvonne Hendrikx
CEO | Head of Training | Flight Safety Instructor
Sky Professionals

About us…..

After having attended many flight safety courses in our own aviation careers, we decided we could do this too!
…..and probably better; with an eye for detail, on short notice and customized to the type of operation and special requests of the customer.

In 2005 this resulted in the foundation of Sky Professionals!

In the process of writing our training manuals we were asked to provide flight attendants for corporate aviation. Our first customer requested flight safety training for flight crew ánd recruitment and training of corporate flight attendants. We did both!

During this start-up period we frequently consulted the Dutch Authorities to ensure we were heading the right direction. But we wanted more….
We investigated in how to become an Approved Training Organisation…..the rest is history…

As we conduct courses for diverse companies (many (foreign) airliners, corporate jet companies, private jet owners, cargo companies, individual pilots, schools etc.) with various requests and aircraft types, we constantly adapt our training materials and broaden our horizon. This all of course in compliance with the latest EASA regulations.

Sky Professionals Core Values
When recruiting new staff, Flight Attendants or Instructors, we are not only searching for persons who meet the vacancy requirements but also match our core values; Loyalty, Dedication, Professionalism, Humour and Flexibility. We believe that expanding our company with the right people, with the right values helps us grow.

Unfortunately, at this moment we do not have any vacancies!




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