Fire and Smoke

Every 3 years Cabin Crew and Flight Crew must receive theoretical and practical training in emergencies involving fire and smoke on board. This training prepares the crew member for his/her duties and responsibilities and how to deal promptly in case of fire or smoke incidents.

Course contents:

•    Elements of fire
•    Classification of fires
•    Identifying the source of the fire
•    Potential fire risk areas
◦    Prevention
•    Know your aircraft
•    Communication, coordination and assistance
•    Appropriate type of extinguishing agents
•    Smoke
•    Fire fighting equipment:
•    Fire fighting techniques and procedures
•    Ground based emergency services
•    Practical fire fighting with use of relevant equipment
•    Practical smoke exercise in a smoke filled area with use of a PBE

Training Location:
Our training center is located at Eindhoven Airport. However, the practical Fire Fighting will be conducted in Amsterdam.
Any other preferred location is negotiable, also abroad.

Class capacity:
Flexible from only 1 – 12 trainees!

Single registrations?
Regularly you can join an already planned training for a greatly reduced rate.
Short notice is our strength.

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