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Your partner in Aviation Training

Who are we?

Sky Professionals is an Aviation Training Organisation with extensive experience. We provide (modular) aviation courses for both Flight and Cabin Crew. Our training standards meet and exceed the EASA requirements and can be tailored according to the customer’s request. Take a look at our training programs…
We are proud to announce that we are certified by the Dutch Authorities (ILT) as an Approved Cabin Crew Training Organisation (ACCTO) for issuing Cabin Crew Attestations!

Sky Professionals is also your partner for Corporate Flight Attendants. We recruit, train and provide highly selected Flight Attendants…

Why Sky Professionals?

In the aviation industry where time is money, it is a sensible decision to outsource your crew training to a reliable training partner. Sky Professionals stands for Quality, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Cabin Crew Initial Training

“Sky’s” the limit: With EASA backing you, the (aviation) world is yours!

Become a Qualified Flight Attendant Today!

Join our fascinating training program and open the doors to an exciting future as a flight attendant.
Explore the world: Travel to iconic destinations, meet diverse cultures, and create unforgettable experiences for passengers.

What is a Cabin Crew Attestation?
Just like pilots, flight attendants need a licence to fly:
This is called a Cabin Crew Attestation.

How to get this Attestation?
An EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) compliant Cabin Crew Initial Training must be successfully completed.

It’s like an official thumbs up from EASA, saying, “You’re good to go as a qualified flight attendant!”

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