Corporate Flight Attendant

It is our mission to find the perfect match between customer and cabin.

Sky Professionals has a data-base of Corporate Flight Attendants. When chosen, after withstanding a rigorous selection procedure, the flight attendant trainee receives a custom-made, type related training at our training center. All our staff is trained to deliver an outstanding level of culinary- and customer service and respects your privacy. They know when to be “invisible” or when to socialize with the guests on board.

Our team has many years of experience looking after aircraft owners, VIP clients, celebrities and royalties from all over the world.
Our Customer profiles are updated daily and our staff is familiar with all relevant details. We distinguish ourselves by giving a personal touch and going the extra mile to make you feel at home. Carefully watching your preferences and personal requests.

According to EASA requirements, Flight Safety Training is not mandatory for aircraft with a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of 19. Nevertheless, Sky Professionals conducts Flight Safety Training, Aircraft Visits and Training Flights to all our Flight attendants.

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