Expansion Open Schedule!

Sky Professionals is expanding  our selection of EASA Open Schedule courses; Now is the time to safely train your cabin crew and flight crew and make sure they are compliant.

In consideration of the COVID-19 situation we are temporary offering Open schedule Course for Small classes ; We have a class maximum of 3 participants.

We are adding these extra courses to the Open Schedule agenda:

    • Dangerous Goods awareness training –   € 295,- p.p. excl. VAT

Agenda: Wednesday 25 March / Wednesday 8 April / Monday 20 April

    • Emergency & Safety Equipment and procedures training – Theory only –   € 295,- p.p. excl. VAT 

Agenda: Wednesday 1 April / Wednesday 15 April / Wednesday: 29 April

    • CRM for Cabin Crew / and or Joint CRM (Cabin Crew and Flight Crew) –   € 395,- p.p. excl. VAT 

Agenda: Friday 27 March / Friday 10 April / Friday 24 April

    • Security training –   € 395,- p.p. excl. VAT

Agenda: Friday 3 April / Friday 17 April / Thursday 30 April

Location: Sky Professionals, Eindhoven (NL)

Is your prefered training date not mentioned? Please point out your preference in the form and we will try to match your agenda.

Why schedule now for one of our Open Schedule courses?

These 5 reasons point out the benefits:

  1. Single registration; No more difficult planning…plan your training when your schedule allows it.
  2. Flexible in planning; Is the date mentioned not possible for you? Tells us when you prefer to train, we will try to match the date…
  3. Crew is always compliant; Did a crewmember miss the last planned (class) training? No worries, we offer single registration!
  4. EASA compliant; all our Open Schedule Courses meet the EASA requirements.
  5. Small classes; Our Open Schedule courses have a temporary class maximum of 3 participants,

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