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Register now for our Open Schedule Courses in November and December ’19!

EASA First Aid training and Water Survival training for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew:

  • 11 november 2019: Water Survival training
  • 6 december 2019: Water Survival training
  • 11 december 2019 : First Aid ; Initial and Recurrent training

Single registration for each course € 295,- excl. VAT.

Location: Eindhoven (NL)

Find out more information about the content of these courses:

Why register for our Open Schedule Courses? These 5 reasons point out the benefits:

  1. Single registration; No more difficult planning…plan your training when your schedule allows it.
  2. Flexible in planning; Is the date mentioned not possible for you? Tells us when you prefer to train, we will try to match the date…
  3. Crew is always compliant; Did a crewmember miss the last planned (class) training? No worries, we offer single registration!
  4. EASA compliant; all our Open Schedule Courses meet the EASA regulations.
  5. Meet other operators; Open Schedule courses are definite as from 3 participants, your crew will meet (and learn from) other crew members..

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