As Crew Resource Management, CRM,  is all about effective communication, coordination of task functions of flight crew, cabin crew and all other staff involved in the operation, operators are required to organise combined CRM training.

Every CRM training contains certain elements that are mandatory to be adressed. Important aspects that are covered during our CRM training are a.o. ;

  • Human Limitations associated with the use of automation;
  • Monotoring and intervention;
  • Main aspects of resilience development covering mental flexibilty, performance adaption;
  • Surprises and startle effects; management of abnormal and emergency situations;
  • Cultural differences and recognising different communication specifics;
  • Operator’s safety culture and company culture
  • Relevant  type or operator specific case studies;

Last week Sky Professionals delivered another recurrent Joint- CRM training for one of our Corporate customers. We wanted to add a suprising, fun and energetic aspect to our training. We choose to do a ‘Marsmellow challenge’; Every team had to build  the tallest free-standing structure in 18 minutes using only 20 sticks of spagetti , 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string and 1 marshmellow on the top. This challenge contains valuable elements that shows teamspirit, communication, flexibility and descision making.  A great way to end such a valuable training!



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