A day in the life of a Corporate Flight Attendant

Pinch me! is this real?”

Blog by Maud Koeman, Corporate Flight Attendant at Sky Professionals

….That was my first thought when I stepped on board my first private jet. Years later I still take my time to cherish each moment and realize of how lucky I am to have this job…..

Being a corporate flight attendant is however not always about roses and sunshine. The job can be tough but also very rewarding. There are different types of contracts but for most it means being on call 24/7.  This can result in being away from home for a long time. Then again, if you love your job and enjoy every second, being away for long doesn’t really matter.

Many people think the job of a flight attendant is just about serving coffee; they are quite wrong….
May I introduce myself; … corporate flight attendant,  also known as part time butler, PA, nanny, & chef.


“ I’m off to Rome”

My day starts when the operations department sends me information about my scheduled flight.  I learn my destination will be Rome!!  I don’t have time to day dream about the destination (even though I love Rome and get excited about the trip) . I have to check the total amount of passengers and flight times. With our customer service team I discuss the catering preferences and any possible specials.

Yes….. catering! Where to start to serve a perfect meal on board; I go to local markets to find fresh products that will improve my meal service on board. You would think in corporate aviation money is no issue. However a good corporate flight attendant can make a 5 star service which fits any budget.


“Welcome on board”

Once on board I make sure the cabin is ready to welcome our passengers. I clean, store the catering, place some flowers in the cabin and make a nice welcome table. A welcome table is one of the first things passengers see when they arrive on board so I want to make sure it matches the customers’ preferences.

After boarding I start my service with a smile and make the passengers feel as comfortable as possible. I don’t serve airline food; more like a 5 star restaurant meal, a perfect filet mignon, lobster or if requested even caviar. Not only do I need to know how to serve,  but also have extensive knowledge of how to prepare and plate a dish. Of course this culinairy meal will be accompanied  by a nice matching wine. All gained passengers’ preferences will be carefully documented in the customers’ profile for another perfect future flight.

When the passengers deplane the aircraft with a smile on their face, I know I did my job well which leaves me a satisfying feeling… not for long because duty calls!


Everything must be perfect and shiny for the next flight

There is a big difference between a corporate and commercial flight attendant. Working on a private jet can be more demanding.  The job is not finished when the passengers are gone.  I’m responsible for  tidying, cleaning and restocking the aircraft.  The airplane must be spotless and ready to go for the next (adhoc) flight!

After cleaning, a good laugh & debrief with the crew I step into my car and drive home. Once at home, I say hello to my furry cat friend. I just fall on the couch and put my feet up.  One more thing to do…sending the feedback e-mail of my flight to the company. I notice I’m quite tired, it has been a long day with lots of waiting, working and flying….

….but I smile and take a minute to wonder……….which destination is next? 😉


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