EASA First Aid

In April Sky Professionals’ focus is on EASA First Aid Open Schedule Courses.
These aviation ladies all passed their First Aid exam on the 9th of April and are ready to apply their knowledge ! The training covered aero-medical topics such as Hypoxia, Hyperventilation and Food poisoning. Also exercises like CPR, use of an AED, Recovery Position and Rautek Manoeuvre were practiced. An example of a fun, instructive and very useful training day!

Are you interested in participating an EASA First Aid course? Join our confirmed open schedule course on the 24th of April or let us offer you a new date.  The open schedule courses are for Airlines and Corporate aviation, for Cabin and Flight Crew. Single registrations are €295,- excl VAT. Register here or read more about our First Aid courses.

CONCEPT - Unfortunately...this open schedule is no more available

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